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Package grpc-cli

Command-line tool for gRPC


The command line tool can do the following things:

  • Send unary rpc.
  • Attach metadata and display received metadata.
  • Handle common authentication to server.
  • Infer request/response types from server reflection result.
  • Find the request/response types from a given proto file.
  • Read proto request in text form.
  • Read request in wire form (for protobuf messages, this means serialized
    binary form).
  • Display proto response in text form.
  • Write response in wire form to a file.

Version: 1.48.4

General Commands

grpc_cli grpc_cli – a command-line tool to talk to a grpc server
grpc_cli-call grpc_cli call – call method
grpc_cli-help grpc_cli help – print help
grpc_cli-ls grpc_cli ls – list services
grpc_cli-parse grpc_cli parse – parse message
grpc_cli-tobinary grpc_cli tobinary – convert text message to binary
grpc_cli-tojson grpc_cli tojson – convert binary message to json
grpc_cli-type grpc_cli type – print type