Package groff-perl

Parts of the groff formatting system that require Perl

The groff-perl package contains the parts of the groff text processor
package that require Perl. These include the afmtodit (font processor
for creating PostScript font files), groffer (tool for displaying groff
files), grog (utility that can be used to automatically determine groff
command-line options), chem (groff preprocessor for producing chemical
structure diagrams), mmroff (reference preprocessor) and roff2dvi
roff2html roff2pdf roff2ps roff2text roff2x (roff code converters).

Version: 1.22.4

See also: groff, groff-base, groff-x11.

General Commands

afmtodit create font files for use with groff -Tps and -Tpdf
chem groff preprocessor for producing chemical structure diagrams
glilypond integrate lilypond parts into groff
gperl groff preprocessor for Perl parts in roff files
gpinyin use Hanyu Pinyin Chinese in roff
groffer display groff files and man pages on X and tty
grog guess options for a following groff command
gropdf PDF driver for groff
mmroff cross-reference preprocessor for GNU roff mm macro package
pdfmom produce PDF documents using the mom macro package for groff
roff2dvi transform roff code into dvi mode
roff2html transform roff code into html mode
roff2pdf transform roff code into pdf mode
roff2ps transform roff code into ps mode
roff2text transform roff code into text mode
roff2x transform roff code into x mode