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Package groff-base

Parts of the groff formatting system required to display manual pages


The groff-base package contains only necessary parts of groff formatting
system which are required to display manual pages, and the groff's default
display device (PostScript).

Version: 1.23.0

See also: groff, groff-perl, groff-x11.

General Commands

eqn format mathematics (equations) for groff or MathML
geqn alias for eqn
gneqn alias for neqn
gnroff alias for nroff
gpic alias for pic
groff front end to the GNU roff document formatting system
grops groff output driver for PostScript
grotty groff output driver for typewriter-like (terminal) devices
gtbl alias for tbl
gtroff alias for troff
neqn format equations for character-cell terminal output
nroff format documents with groff for TTY (terminal) devices
pic compile pictures for troff or TeX
preconv prepare files for typesetting with groff
soelim.groff recursively interpolate source requests in roff or other text files
tbl prepare tables for groff documents
troff GNU roff typesetter and document formatter