Package groff

A document formatting system

Groff is a document formatting system. Groff takes standard text and
formatting commands as input and produces formatted output. The
created documents can be shown on a display or printed on a printer.
Groff's formatting commands allow you to specify font type and size,
bold type, italic type, the number and size of columns on a page, and

Groff can also be used to format man pages. If you are going to use
groff with the X Window System, you will also need to install the
groff-x11 package.

General Commands
Command Description
addftinfo add information to troff font files for use with groff
eqn2graph convert an EQN equation into a cropped image
grap2graph convert a grap diagram into a cropped bitmap image
grn groff preprocessor for gremlin files
grodvi convert groff output to TeX dvi format
grohtml html driver for groff
grolbp groff driver for Canon CAPSL printers (LBP-4 and LBP-8 series laser printers).
grolj4 groff driver for HP Laserjet 4 family
hpftodit create font description files for use with groff -Tlj4
indxbib make inverted index for bibliographic databases
lkbib search bibliographic databases
lookbib search bibliographic databases
pdfroff create PDF documents using groff
pfbtops translate a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII
pic2graph convert a PIC diagram into a cropped image
refer preprocess bibliographic references for groff
tfmtodit create font files for use with groff -Tdvi
File Formats
File Description
groff_font format of groff device and font description files
groff_out groff intermediate output format
groff_tmac macro files in the roff typesetting system
lj4_font groff fonts for use with devlj4
Name Description
ditroff classical device independent roff
groff a short reference for the GNU roff language
groff_char groff glyph names
groff_diff differences between GNU troff and classical troff
groff_filenames filename extensions for roff and groff
groff_hdtbl groff `hdtbl' macros for generation of tables
groff_man groff man macros to support generation of man pages
groff_me troff macros for formatting papers
groff_mm groff mm macros
groff_mom groff `mom' macros, `mom' is a `roff' language, part of `groff'
groff_ms groff ms macros
groff_trace groff macro package trace.tmac
groff_www groff macros for authoring web pages
roff concepts and history of roff typesetting