Package gridsite-clients

Clients to gridsite including htcp, htrm, htmv

GridSite was originally a web application developed for managing and formatting
the content of the website. Over the past years it
has grown into a set of extensions to the Apache web server and a toolkit for
Grid credentials, GACL access control lists and HTTP(S) protocol operations.

This package gridsite-clients, contains clients for using against gridsite,
htcp, htrm, ...

Version: 3.0.0

See also: gridsite.

General Commands

findproxyfile returns full path to GSI Proxy file
htcp file transfers and queries via HTTP/HTTPS/SiteCast
htfind alias for htcp
htll alias for htcp
htls alias for htcp
htmkdir alias for htcp
htmv alias for htcp
htping alias for htcp
htproxydestroy alias for htproxyput
htproxyinfo alias for htproxyput
htproxyput GSI proxy delegations and querying, using GridSite/gLite delegation API
htproxyrenew alias for htproxyput
htproxytime alias for htproxyput
htproxyunixtime alias for htproxyput
htrm alias for htcp
urlencode convert strings to or from URL-encoded form