Package gridsite-clients

Clients to gridsite including htcp, htrm, htmv

GridSite was originally a web application developed for managing and formatting
the content of the website. Over the past years it
has grown into a set of extensions to the Apache web server and a toolkit for
Grid credentials, GACL access control lists and HTTP(S) protocol operations.

This package gridsite-clients, contains clients for using against gridsite,
htcp, htrm, ...

General Commands (Section 1)
findproxyfile returns full path to a GSI Proxy file, either in the proxy cache maintained by the GridSite G-HTTPS and delegation portType functions, or in other...
htcp is a client to fetch files or directory listings from remote servers using HTTP or HTTPS, or to put or delete files or directories onto remote servers...
htproxyput is a client to perform GSI proxy delegations using the GridSite/gLite delegation Web Service portType. The gridsite-delegation(8) CGI program is the...
urlencode encodes strings according to RFC 1738. That is, characters A-Z a-z 0-9 . _ and - are passed through unmodified, but all other characters are...