Package gridengine

Grid Engine - Distributed Computing Management software

In a typical network that does not have distributed resource management
software, workstations and servers are used from 5% to 20% of the time.
Even technical servers are generally less than fully utilized. This
means that there are a lot of cycles that can be used productively if
only users know where they are, can capture them, and put them to work.

Grid Engine finds a pool of idle resources and harnesses it
productively, so an organization gets as much as five to ten times the
usable power out of systems on the network. That can increase utilization
to as much as 98%.

Grid Engine software aggregates available compute resources and
delivers compute power as a network service.

These are the local files shared by both the qmaster and execd
daemons. You must install this package in order to use any one of them.

General Commands
Command Description
jsv Sun Grid Engine Job Submission Verifier
qacct report and account for Sun Grid Engine usage
qconf Sun Grid Engine Queue Configuration
qdel-ge delete Sun Grid Engine jobs from queues
qhold-ge hold back Sun Grid Engine jobs from execution
qhost show the status of Sun Grid Engine hosts, queues, jobs
qmake-ge distributed parallel make, scheduling by Sun Grid Engine.
qmod modify a Sun Grid Engine queue and running job
qping check application status of Sun Grid Engine daemons.
qquota shows current usage of Sun Grid Engine resource quotas
qrdel delete Sun Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR)
qrls-ge release Sun Grid Engine jobs from previous hold states
qrstat show the status of Sun Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR)
qselect-ge select queues.
qstat-ge show the status of Sun Grid Engine jobs and queues
qtcsh tcsh v6.09 with transparent remote execution by use of qrsh.
sge_ckpt the Sun Grid Engine checkpointing mechanism and checkpointing support
sge_intro a facility for executing UNIX jobs on remote machines
sgepasswd Modify the Sun Grid Engine password file of Sun Grid Engine
sge_types Sun Grid Engine type descriptions
File Formats
File Description
sge_access_list Sun Grid Engine access list file format
sge_accounting Sun Grid Engine accounting file format
sge_aliases Sun Grid Engine path aliases file format
sge_bootstrap Sun Grid Engine bootstrap file
sge_calendar_conf Sun Grid Engine calendar configuration file format
sge_checkpoint Sun Grid Engine checkpointing environment configuration file format
sge_complex Sun Grid Engine complexes configuration file format
sge_conf Sun Grid Engine configuration files
sge_host_aliases Sun Grid Engine host aliases file format
sge_host_conf Sun Grid Engine execution host configuration file format
sge_hostgroup host group entry file format
sge_pe Sun Grid Engine parallel environment configuration file format
sge_priority Sun Grid Engine job priorities
sge_project Sun Grid Engine project entry file format
sge_qstat Sun Grid Engine default qstat file format
sge_qtask file format of the qtask file.
sge_queue_conf Sun Grid Engine queue configuration file format
sge_reporting Sun Grid Engine reporting file format
sge_request Sun Grid Engine default request definition file format
sge_resource_quota Sun Grid Engine resource quota file format
sge_sched_conf Sun Grid Engine default scheduler configuration file
sge_sgepasswd Sun Grid Engine password file format
sge_share_tree Sun Grid Engine share tree file format
sge_user Sun Grid Engine user entry file format
sge_usermapping user mapping entry file format
System Administration
Command Description
sge_ca Sun Grid Engine CSP Support control command
SGE_Helper_Service.exe Sun Grid Engine job execution agent helper service
sge_st Sun Grid Engine Service Tags Support control command