Package graphviz-devel

Development package for graphviz

A collection of tools for the manipulation and layout of graphs (as in nodes
and edges, not as in barcharts). This package contains development files for

See also: graphviz, graphviz-java, graphviz-lua, graphviz-perl, graphviz-php, graphviz-R, graphviz-tcl.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
cdt container data types
cgraph abstract graph library
expr c-like expression library
gv.3guile graph manipulation in guile
gv.3ocaml graph manipulation in ocaml
gv.3python graph manipulation in python
gv.3sharp graph manipulation in sharp
gvc Graphviz context library
gvpr library for graph filtering
lab_gamut data library for default color labeling
pack support for connected components
pathplan finds and smooths shortest paths
xdot parsing and deparsing of xdot operations