Package graphviz

Graph Visualization Tools

A collection of tools for the manipulation and layout of graphs (as in nodes
and edges, not as in barcharts).

See also: graphviz-devel, graphviz-java, graphviz-lua, graphviz-perl, graphviz-php, graphviz-R, graphviz-tcl.

General Commands
Command Description
acyclic make directed graph acyclic
bcomps biconnected components filter for graphs
ccomps connected components filter for graphs
circo alias for dot
cluster find clusters in a graph and augment the graph with this information.
diffimg Calculates intersection between two images
dijkstra single-source distance filter for Graphviz
dot filter for drawing directed graphs
dot2gxl alias for gxl2gv
dotty A Customizable Graph Editor
edgepaint edge coloring to disambiguate crossing edges
fdp alias for dot
gc count graph components
gml2gv GML-DOT converters
graphml2gv GRAPHML-DOT converter
gv2gml alias for gml2gv
gv2gxl alias for gxl2gv
gvcolor flow colors through a ranked digraph
gvgen generate graphs
gvmap find clusters and create a geographical map highlighting clusters. pipeline for running gvmap
gvpack merge and pack disjoint graphs
gvpr graph pattern scanning and processing language
gxl2dot alias for gxl2gv
gxl2gv GXL-GV converters
lefty A Programmable Graphics Editor
lneato A Customizable Graph Editor
mingle fast edge bundling
mm2gv Matrix Market-DOT converters
neato alias for dot
nop pretty-print graph file
osage filter for drawing clustered graphs
patchwork filter for drawing clustered graphs as treemaps
prune Prune directed graphs
sccmap extract strongly connected components of directed graphs
sfdp alias for dot
tred transitive reduction filter for directed graphs
twopi alias for dot
unflatten adjust directed graphs to improve layout aspect ratio
vimdot Combined text editor and dot viewer
Name Description
graphviz rich set of graph drawing tools