Package GraphicsMagick

An ImageMagick fork, offering faster image generation and better quality

GraphicsMagick is a comprehensive image processing package which is initially
based on ImageMagick 5.5.2, but which has undergone significant re-work by
the GraphicsMagick Group to significantly improve the quality and performance
of the software.

General Commands (Section 1)
GraphicsMagick's gm provides a suite of utilities for creating, comparing, converting, editing, and displaying images. All of the utilities are provided as...
Special Files (Section 4)
The Magick Image File Format (MIFF) is a platform-independent format for storing bitmap images. MIFF is a part of the ImageMagick toolkit of image manipulation...
File Formats (Section 5)
This document describes how ImageMagick performs color reduction on an image. To fully understand this document, you should have a knowledge of basic imaging...