Package gpsd-devel

Development files for the gpsd library

This package provides C header files and python modules for the gpsd shared
libraries that manage access to a GPS for applications

General Commands (Section 1)
gpsfake is a test harness for gpsd and its clients. It opens a pty (pseudo-TTY), launches a gpsd instance that thinks the slave side of the pty is its GPS...
Library Functions (Section 3)
libgps is a service library which supports communicating with an instance of the gpsd(8); link it with the linker option -lgps.
libgpsmm and libQgpsmm are mere wrappers over libgps. The important difference between the libraries is that libgpsmm is targeted at C++ applications and...
File Formats (Section 5)
gpsd is a service daemon that can be used to monitor GPSes, DGPS receivers, Marine AIS broadcasts, and various other location-related and kinematic sensors...
Motorola S-records are a form of simple ASCII encoding for binary data. This format is commonly used for firmware uploads to GPSes, industrial robots, and other...