Package gpsd-clients

Clients for gpsd

xgps is a simple test client for gpsd with an X interface. It displays
current GPS position/time/velocity information and (for GPSes that
support the feature) the locations of accessible satellites.

xgpsspeed is a speedometer that uses position information from the GPS.
It accepts an -h option and optional argument as for gps, or a -v option
to dump the package version and exit. Additionally, it accepts -rv
(reverse video) and -nc (needle color) options.

cgps resembles xgps, but without the pictorial satellite display.  It
can run on a serial terminal or terminal emulator.

gpsfake can feed data from files to simulate data coming from many
different gps devices.

See also: gpsd, gpsd-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
cgps test clients for gpsd
gegps alias for cgps
gps alias for cgps
gps2udp feed the take from gpsd to one or more aggregation sites
gpscat dump the output from a GPS
gpsdecode decode GPS, RTCM or AIS streams into a readable format
gpsfake test harness for gpsd, simulating a GPS
gpspipe tool to connect to gpsd and retrieve sentences
gpsrinex Read data from gpsd convert to RINEX3 and save to a file.
gpxlogger Tool to connect to gpsd and generate a GPX file
lcdgps alias for cgps
ubxtool u-blox tool
xgps alias for cgps
xgpsspeed alias for cgps
zerk All purpose GREIS fitting