Package gogui

Graphical user interface to programs that play the board game Go

Gogui is a graphical interface to programs that play
the game of Go and use the Go Text Protocol (GTP),
such as GNU Go. GoGui has special features
that are useful for Go program developers.

General Commands
Command Description
gogui Graphical user interface for Go programs.
gogui-adapter Go Text Protocol adapter for logging or protocol translations.
gogui-client Connects to a remote Go program supporting the Go Text Protocol.
gogui-convert Convert SGF and Jago XML Go game files to other formats.
gogui-display Go Text Protocol adapter showing the current board in a window.
gogui-dummy Dummy Go program for testing GTP controllers.
gogui-regress Runs GTP regression tests.
gogui-server Connects a Go program supporting Go Text Protocol to a socket.
gogui-statistics Runs GTP commands on all positions of game collections.
gogui-terminal Simple text based interface to Go programs supporting GTP.
gogui-thumbnailer Create thumbnails for Go game files in SGF or Jago XML format.
gogui-twogtp Go Text Protocol adapter for playing games between two Go programs.