Package gnumed-server

The GNUmed back end server

The GNUmed project builds an open source Electronic Medical Record.
It is developed by a handful of medical doctors and programmers from
all over the world. It can be useful to anyone documenting the health
of patients, including but not limited to doctors, physical therapists,
occupational therapists.

System Administration
Command Description
gm-adjust_db_settings GNUmed server adjust database settings
gm-backup complete backup of GNUmed database
gm-backup_data backup of GNUmed data
gm-backup_database complete backup of GNUmed database
gm-bootstrap_server bootstrap the latest released version of the SQL database for GNUmed
gm-dump_schema GNUmed server dump schema and roles
gm-fingerprint_db GNUmed server fingerprint database
gm-fixup_server apply fixup scripts to an SQL database for GNUmed
gm-move_backups_offsite move GNUmed backups to elsewhere
gm-restore_data restoring data into an empty GNUmed database
gm-restore_database restoring a GNUmed database
gm-restore_database_from_archive restoring a GNUmed database
gm-set_gm-dbo_password GNUmed server set gm-dbo password
gm-upgrade_server upgrade an existing SQL database for GNUmed to the next version
gm-zip+sign_backups pack and sign backups of GNUmed databases