Package gnudos

The GnuDOS library for GNU/Linux

GnuDOS is a library of functions for use under the GNU/Linux console/xterm.
It provides 3 core components and 2 utility programs. The core components
are Kbd (for keyboard handling), Screen (for screen handling) and Dialogs (for
drawing dialogs and input boxes). The utility programs are: prime (the console
file manager) and mino (the console text editor).

GnuDOS is a group of utilities that were designed to introduce new users to
the GNU system. The tools included in the library have a look-and-feel
familiar to users of MS-DOS like systems. The aim is to provide users
accustomed to such systems a gentle way to learn how to use the GNU
operating system.

Version: 1.11

General Commands

gnudos The GnuDOS library for GNU/Linux Version 1.11
mino a user friendly text editor for GNU/Linux console/xterm
prime a file manager for GNU/Linux console/xterm