Package globus-net-manager-doc

Grid Community Toolkit - Network Manager Library Documentation Files

The Grid Community Toolkit (GCT) is an open source software toolkit used for
building grid systems and applications. It is a fork of the Globus Toolkit
originally created by the Globus Alliance. It is supported by the Grid
Community Forum (GridCF) that provides community-based support for core
software packages in grid computing.

The globus-net-manager-doc package contains:
Network Manager Library Documentation Files

Library Functions
Library Function Description
globus_net_manager Net Manager API.
globus_net_manager_attr Net Manager Attribute Management Functions.
globus_net_manager_attr.h Globus Network Manager Attributes.
globus_net_manager_attr_s Net Manager Attributes.
globus_net_manager_context Net Manager Context Management Functions.
globus_net_manager_context.h Globus Network Manager Context.
globus_net_manager.h Globus Net Manager Interface.
globus_net_manager_logging.c Logging Network Manager Implementation.
globus_net_manager_python Net Manager Python Module.
globus_net_manager_s Net Manager Definition.
globus_net_manager_signatures Net Manager Function Signatures
globus_net_manager_tutorial Net Manager Implementation Tutorial This example uses functionality from...
globus_net_manager_types Net Manager Data Types.
globus_xio_net_manager_driver Net Manager XIO Driver.
globus_xio_net_manager_driver.h Network Manager XIO Driver.