Package globus-gram-client-tools

Grid Community Toolkit - Job Management Tools (globusrun)

The Grid Community Toolkit (GCT) is an open source software toolkit used for
building grid systems and applications. It is a fork of the Globus Toolkit
originally created by the Globus Alliance. It is supported by the Grid
Community Forum (GridCF) that provides community-based support for core
software packages in grid computing.

The globus-gram-client-tools package contains:
Job Management Tools (globusrun)

General Commands
Command Description
globus-job-cancel Cancel a GRAM batch job
globus-job-clean Cancel and clean up a GRAM batch job
globus-job-get-output Retrieve the output and error streams from a GRAM job
globus-job-run Execute a job using GRAM
globus-job-status Check the status of a GRAM5 job
globus-job-submit Submit a batch job using GRAM
globusrun Execute and manage jobs via GRAM