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Globus Toolkit - Globus Gass Transfer Documentation Files

The Globus Toolkit is an open source software toolkit used for building Grid
systems and applications. It is being developed by the Globus Alliance and
many others all over the world. A growing number of projects and companies are
using the Globus Toolkit to unlock the potential of grids for their cause.

The globus-gass-transfer-doc package contains:
Globus Gass Transfer Documentation Files

Library Functions (Section 3)
GASS Transfer API. The GASS Transfer API is the core part of the GASS (Global Access to Secondary Storage) component of the Globus Toolkit. The purpose of GASS...
The Globus GASS Transfer library uses the standard module activation and deactivation API to initialize its state. Before any GASS functions are called, the...
GASS Transfer Client Operations. One mode of using the GASS Transfer API is to initiate file transfers. The operations supported by the GASS Transfer API are...
typedef void(* globus_gass_transfer_bytes_callback_t) (void *arg, globus_gass_transfer_request_t request, globus_byte_t *bytes, globus_size_t length...
GASS transfer.
int globus_gass_transfer_listenerattr_init (globus_gass_transfer_listenerattr_t *attr, char *url_scheme)
Protocol module listener handling structure.
Protocol Implementation API. The GASS Protocol Module API is designed to make it possible to extend the GASS client and server APIs to support additional...
Protocol module descriptor structure.
GASS Transfer Protocol Interface. This header defines the GASS protocol module library interface
GASS Referrals. The GASS Transfer API supports referring URL requests to alternate URLs via referrals. Referrals are essentially pointers to another URL or URLs...
Request Handles. Request handles are used by the GASS Transfer API to associate operations with a single file transfer request. Specifically, they are used to...
The GASS Transfer library uses Globus objects to provide an extensible way of creating protocol-specific attributes.
globus_object_t * globus_gass_transfer_requestattr_initialize (globus_object_t *obj, char *proxy_url, globus_size_t block_size, globus_gass_transfer_file_mode_t...
Protocol module request handling structure. This structure is created by a GASS transfer protocol module to handle a particular request. It is created in...
Request handle. A request handle is associated with each file transfer operation. The same structure is used for both client- and server- side requests. For...
GASS Server Implementation. Another mode of using the GASS Transfer API is to implement data servers. The primary difference between the client and server parts...