Package globus-ftp-control-doc

Grid Community Toolkit - GridFTP Control Library Documentation Files

The Grid Community Toolkit (GCT) is an open source software toolkit used for
building grid systems and applications. It is a fork of the Globus Toolkit
originally created by the Globus Alliance. It is supported by the Grid
Community Forum (GridCF) that provides community-based support for core
software packages in grid computing.

The globus-ftp-control-doc package contains:
GridFTP Control Library Documentation Files

Library Functions
Library Function Description
globus_ftp_control GridFTP Control API.
globus_ftp_control_auth_info_s Authentication Values.
globus_ftp_control_client Control Client.
globus_ftp_control_constants Constants.
globus_ftp_control_data Data Connections.
globus_ftp_control_dcau_subject_s Control DCAU subject authentication type.
globus_ftp_control_dcau_u Control DCAU union.
globus_ftp_control.h GridFTP Control Connection API.
globus_ftp_control_layout_u Control striping attribute union.
globus_ftp_control_parallelism_u Control parallelism attribute structure
globus_ftp_control_round_robin_s Control striping round robin attribute structure.
globus_ftp_control_server Manage GridFTP Server Control Connections.
globus_ftp_control_tcpbuffer_automatic_s Automatically set the TCP buffer/window size.
globus_ftp_control_tcpbuffer_default_t Don't change the TCP buffer/window size from the system default.
globus_ftp_control_tcpbuffer_fixed_t Set the TCP buffer/window size to a fixed value.
globus_ftp_control_tcpbuffer_t Control tcpbuffer attribute structure.
globus_ftp_extensions GridFTP: Protocol Extensions to FTP for the Grid