Package glite-lb-logger

gLite Logging and Bookkeeping local-logger and inter-loggers

glite-lb-logger is the gLite L&B local-logger and inter-loggers. This package
contains the local-logger (glite-lb-logd), inter-logger (glite-lb-interlogd),
notification inter-logger (glite-lb-notif-interlogd) and proxy inter-logger
(glite-lb-proxy-interlogd) daemons.
System Administration (Section 8)
glite-lb-interlogd takes over L&B events from glite-lb-logd and it is responsible for reliable transfer to their target storage - bookkeeping and logging...
glite-lb-logd accepts the L&B events from their sources (via the producer L&B API). It is responsible for fast acceptance of the events and their reliable...