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Package glab

A GitLab CLI tool bringing GitLab to your command line


Version: 1.39.0

General Commands

glab A GitLab CLI tool.
glab-alias Create, list and delete aliases
glab-alias-delete Delete an alias.
glab-alias-list List the available aliases.
glab-alias-set Set an alias.
glab-api Make an authenticated request to GitLab API
glab-ask Generate terminal commands from natural language. (Experimental.)
glab-ask-git Generate Git commands from natural language (Experimental).
glab-auth Manage glab's authentication state
glab-auth-login Authenticate with a GitLab instance
glab-auth-status View authentication status
glab-changelog Interact with the changelog API
glab-changelog-generate Generate a changelog for the repository/project
glab-check-update Check for latest glab releases
glab-ci Work with GitLab CI/CD pipelines and jobs
glab-ci-artifact Download all artifacts from the last pipeline
glab-ci-config Work with GitLab CI/CD configuration.
glab-ci-config-compile View the fully expanded CI/CD configuration.
glab-ci-delete Delete CI/CD pipelines
glab-ci-get Get JSON of a running CI/CD pipeline on the current or other specified branch
glab-ci-lint Checks if your .gitlab-ci.yml file is valid.
glab-ci-list Get the list of CI/CD pipelines
glab-ci-retry Retry a CI/CD job
glab-ci-run Create or run a new CI/CD pipeline
glab-ci-run-trig Run a CI/CD pipeline trigger
glab-ci-status View a running CI/CD pipeline on current or other branch specified
glab-ci-trace Trace a CI/CD job log in real time
glab-ci-trigger Trigger a manual CI/CD job.
glab-ci-view View, run, trace/logs, and cancel CI/CD jobs current pipeline
glab-cluster Manage GitLab Agents for Kubernetes and their clusters
glab-cluster-agent Manage GitLab Agents for Kubernetes
glab-cluster-agent-get-token Create and return a k8s_proxy-scoped Personal Access Token to authenticate with a GitLab Agents for Kubernetes
glab-cluster-agent-list List GitLab Agents for Kubernetes in a project
glab-cluster-agent-update-kubeconfig Update selected kubeconfig
glab-completion Generate shell completion scripts
glab-config Set and get glab settings
glab-config-get Prints the value of a given configuration key.
glab-config-set Updates configuration with the value of a given key
glab-incident Work with GitLab incidents
glab-incident-close Close an incident
glab-incident-list List project incidents
glab-incident-note Comment on an incident in GitLab
glab-incident-reopen Reopen a resolved incident
glab-incident-subscribe Subscribe to an incident
glab-incident-unsubscribe Unsubscribe from an incident
glab-incident-view Display the title, body, and other information about an incident.
glab-issue Work with GitLab issues
glab-issue-board Work with GitLab Issue Boards in the given project.
glab-issue-board-create Create a project issue board.
glab-issue-board-view View project issue board.
glab-issue-close Close an issue
glab-issue-create Create an issue
glab-issue-delete Delete an issue
glab-issue-list List project issues
glab-issue-note Comment on an issue in GitLab
glab-issue-reopen Reopen a closed issue
glab-issue-subscribe Subscribe to an issue
glab-issue-unsubscribe Unsubscribe from an issue
glab-issue-update Update issue
glab-issue-view Display the title, body, and other information about an issue.
glab-label Manage labels on remote
glab-label-create Create labels for repository/project
glab-label-list List labels in repository
glab-mr Create, view and manage merge requests
glab-mr-approve Approve merge requests
glab-mr-approvers List eligible approvers for merge requests in any state
glab-mr-checkout Checkout to an open merge request
glab-mr-close Close merge requests
glab-mr-create Create new merge request
glab-mr-delete Delete merge requests
glab-mr-diff View changes in a merge request
glab-mr-issues Get issues related to a particular merge request.
glab-mr-list List merge requests
glab-mr-merge Merge/Accept merge requests
glab-mr-note Add a comment or note to merge request
glab-mr-rebase Automatically rebase the source_branch of the merge request against its target_branch.
glab-mr-reopen Reopen merge requests
glab-mr-revoke Revoke approval on a merge request
glab-mr-subscribe Subscribe to merge requests
glab-mr-todo Add a to-do item to merge request
glab-mr-unsubscribe Unsubscribe from merge requests
glab-mr-update Update merge requests
glab-mr-view Display the title, body, and other information about a merge request.
glab-release Manage GitLab releases
glab-release-create Create a new or update a GitLab Release for a repository
glab-release-delete Delete a GitLab Release
glab-release-download Download asset files from a GitLab Release
glab-release-list List releases in a repository
glab-release-upload Upload release asset files or links to GitLab Release
glab-release-view View information about a GitLab Release
glab-repo Work with GitLab repositories and projects
glab-repo-archive Get an archive of the repository.
glab-repo-clone Clone a GitLab repository/project
glab-repo-contributors Get repository contributors list.
glab-repo-create Create a new GitLab project/repository.
glab-repo-delete Delete an existing repository on GitLab.
glab-repo-fork Create a fork of a GitLab repository
glab-repo-list Get list of repositories.
glab-repo-mirror Mirror a project/repository to the specified location using pull or push method.
glab-repo-search Search for GitLab repositories and projects by name
glab-repo-transfer Transfer a repository to a new namespace.
glab-repo-view View a project/repository
glab-schedule Work with GitLab CI schedules
glab-schedule-create Schedule a new pipeline.
glab-schedule-delete Delete schedule with the specified ID.
glab-schedule-list Get the list of schedules
glab-schedule-run Run the specified scheduled pipeline.
glab-snippet Create, view and manage snippets
glab-snippet-create Create new snippet
glab-ssh-key Manage SSH keys registered with your GitLab account.
glab-ssh-key-add Add an SSH key to your GitLab account
glab-ssh-key-delete Deletes a single SSH key specified by the ID.
glab-ssh-key-get Returns a single SSH key specified by the ID.
glab-ssh-key-list Get a list of currently authenticated user's SSH keys.
glab-user Interact with user
glab-user-events View user events
glab-variable Manage GitLab Project and Group Variables
glab-variable-delete Delete a project or group variable
glab-variable-export Export project or group variables.
glab-variable-get get a project or group variable
glab-variable-list List project or group variables
glab-variable-set Create a new project or group variable
glab-variable-update Update an existing project or group variable
glab-version Show glab version information