Package git-secret

A bash-tool to store your private data inside a git repository

git-secret is a bash tool which stores private data inside a git repository.
It encrypts tracked files with public keys for users whom you trust using GPG,
allowing permitted users to access encrypted data using their secret keys.

General Commands
Command Description
git-secret-add starts to track added files.
git-secret-cat decrypts files passed on command line to stdout
git-secret-changes view diff of the hidden files.
git-secret-clean removes all the hidden files.
git-secret-hide encrypts all added files with the inner keyring.
git-secret-init initializes git-secret repository.
git-secret-killperson deletes key identified by an email from the inner keyring.
git-secret-list prints all the added files.
git-secret-remove removes files from index.
git-secret-reveal decrypts all added files.
git-secret-tell adds a person, who can access private data.
git-secret-usage prints all the available commands.
git-secret-whoknows prints email-labels for each key in the keyring.
Name Description
git-secret bash tool to store private data inside a git repo.