Package git-remote-hg

Mercurial wrapper for git

git-remote-hg is the semi-official Mercurial bridge from Git project.
Once installed, it allows you to clone, fetch and push to and from Mercurial
repositories as if they were Git ones.

Version: 1.0.4

See also: git, git-absorb, git-annex, git-autofixup, git-cola, git-core-doc, git-cpan-patch, git-credential-azure, git-credential-oauth, git-crypt, git-cvs, git-daemon, git-email, git-extras, git-fame, git-filter-repo, git-ftp, git-gui, git-instaweb, git-lfs, git-merge-changelog, git-octopus, git-p4, git-publish, git-remote-gcrypt, git-review, git-revise, git-secret, git-secrets, git-subtree, git-svn, git-tools, git-xcleaner.

General Commands

git-remote-hg bidirectional bridge between Git and Mercurial