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Package git-lfs

Git extension for versioning large files


Git Large File Storage (LFS) replaces large files such as audio samples,
videos, datasets, and graphics with text pointers inside Git, while
storing the file contents on a remote server.

Version: 3.5.1

See also: git, git-absorb, git-annex, git-autofixup, git-cola, git-core-doc, git-cpan-patch, git-credential-azure, git-credential-oauth, git-crypt, git-cvs, git-daemon, git-email, git-extras, git-fame, git-filter-repo, git-ftp, git-gui, git-instaweb, git-merge-changelog, git-octopus, git-p4, git-publish, git-remote-gcrypt, git-remote-hg, git-review, git-revise, git-secret, git-secrets, git-subtree, git-svn, git-tools, git-xcleaner.

General Commands

git-lfs Work with large files in Git repositories
git-lfs-checkout Update working copy with file content if available
git-lfs-clean Git clean filter that converts large files to pointers
git-lfs-clone Efficiently clone a LFS-enabled repository
git-lfs-completion Shell tab-completion script generation for Git LFS
git-lfs-dedup Deduplicate Git LFS files
git-lfs-env Display the Git LFS environment
git-lfs-ext View extension details
git-lfs-fetch Download all Git LFS files for a given ref
git-lfs-filter-process Git filter process that converts between pointer and actual content
git-lfs-fsck Check GIT LFS files for consistency
git-lfs-install Install Git LFS configuration.
git-lfs-lock Set a file as "locked" on the Git LFS server
git-lfs-locks Lists currently locked files from the Git LFS server.
git-lfs-logs Show errors from the git-lfs command
git-lfs-ls-files Show information about Git LFS files in the index and working tree
git-lfs-merge-driver Merge text-based LFS files
git-lfs-migrate Migrate history to or from Git LFS
git-lfs-pointer Build, compare, and check pointers
git-lfs-post-checkout Git post-checkout hook implementation
git-lfs-post-commit Git post-commit hook implementation
git-lfs-post-merge Git post-merge hook implementation
git-lfs-pre-push Git pre-push hook implementation
git-lfs-prune Delete old LFS files from local storage
git-lfs-pull Download all Git LFS files for current ref & checkout
git-lfs-push Push queued large files to the Git LFS endpoint
git-lfs-smudge Git smudge filter that converts pointer in blobs to the actual content
git-lfs-standalone-file Standalone transfer adapter for file URLs
git-lfs-status Show the status of Git LFS files in the working tree
git-lfs-track View or add Git LFS paths to Git attributes
git-lfs-uninstall Remove Git LFS configuration
git-lfs-unlock Remove "locked" setting for a file on the Git LFS server
git-lfs-untrack Remove Git LFS paths from Git Attributes
git-lfs-update Update Git hooks

File Formats

git-lfs-config Configuration options for git-lfs


git-lfs-faq FAQ for Git LFS