Package giflib-utils

Programs for manipulating GIF format image files

The giflib-utils package contains various programs for manipulating GIF
format image files.

Version: 5.2.1

General Commands

gif2rgb convert images saved as GIF to 24-bit RGB triplets
gifbg generate a test-pattern GIF
gifbuild dump GIF data in a textual format, or undump it to a GIF
gifclrmp extract colormaps from GIF images
gifcolor generate color test-pattern GIFs
gifecho generate a GIF from ASCII text
giffix attempt to fix up broken GIFs
gifhisto make a color histogram from GIF colr frequencies
gifinto save GIF on stdin to file if size over set threshold
giflib GIFLIB utilities
giftext dump GIF pixels and metadata as text
giftool GIF transformation tool
gifwedge create a GIF test pattern