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Package giac

Computer Algebra System, Symbolic calculus, Geometry


Giac is a Computer Algebra System made by Bernard Parisse. It  provides
features from the C/C++ libraries PARI, NTL (arithmetic), GSL (numerics),
GMP (big integers), MPFR (bigfloats) and also
  - Efficient algorithms for multivariate polynomial operations
        (product, GCD, factorization, groebner bases),
  - Symbolic computations: solver, simplifications, limits/series, integration,
  - Linear algebra with numerical or symbolic coefficients.
  - Partial Maple and TI compatibility.
  - It has interfaces in texmacs and sagemath.

It consists of:
   - a C++ library (libgiac)
   - a command line interpreter (icas/giac)
   - an FLTK-based GUI (xcas) with interactive geometry and formal spreadsheets.


General Commands

cas_help computer algebra system
giac computer algebra system