Package giac

Computer Algebra System, Symbolic calculus, Geometry

Giac is a Computer Algebra System made by Bernard Parisse. It  provides
features from the C/C++ libraries PARI, NTL (arithmetic), GSL (numerics),
GMP (big integers), MPFR (bigfloats) and also
  - Efficient algorithms for multivariate polynomial operations
        (product, GCD, factorization, groebner bases),
  - Symbolic computations: solver, simplifications, limits/series, integration,
  - Linear algebra with numerical or symbolic coefficients.
  - Partial Maple and TI compatibility.
  - It has interfaces in texmacs and sagemath.

It consists of:
   - a C++ library (libgiac)
   - a command line interpreter (icas/giac)
   - an FLTK-based GUI (xcas) with interactive geometry and formal spreadsheets.
General Commands (Section 1)
This is the help engine of the symbolic and numeric calculator giac by Bernard Parisse. It is avaible in some different languages.
giac is an advanced symbolic and numeric calculator by Bernard Parisse. The console interface is named icas or equivalently giac The corresponding GUI program...