Package ghostscript-tools-printing

Ghostscript's printing utilities

This package provides utilities for formatting and printing text files using
either Ghostscript, or BubbleJet, DeskJet, DeskJet 500, and LaserJet printers.

It also provides the utility 'pphs', which is useful for printing of Primary
Hint Stream of a linearized PDF file.

See also: ghostscript, ghostscript-tools-dvipdf, ghostscript-tools-fonts.

General Commands
Command Description
gsbj alias for gslp
gsdj alias for gslp
gsdj500 alias for gslp
gslj alias for gslp
gslp Format and print text using ghostscript gsbj — Format and print text for BubbleJet printer using ghostscript gsdj — Format and print text for DeskJet printer…