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Package ghdl

A VHDL simulator, using the GCC technology


GHDL is the open-source analyzer, compiler, simulator and (experimental)
synthesizer for VHDL, a Hardware Description Language (HDL). GHDL implements
the VHDL language according to the 1987, 1993 and 2002 versions of the IEEE
1076 VHDL standard, and partial for 2008. It compiles VHDL files and creates
a binary that simulates (or executes) your design. GHDL can also translate
a design into a VHDL 1993 netlist, or it can be plugged into Yosys for
open-source synthesis.

Since GHDL is a compiler (i.e., it generates object files), you can call
functions or procedures written in a foreign language, such as C, C++, Ada95
or Python.

Version: 3.0.0

General Commands

ghdl VHDL compiler/simulator