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Package gh

GitHub's official command line tool


A command-line interface to GitHub for use in your terminal or your scripts.

gh is a tool designed to enhance your workflow when working with GitHub. It
provides a seamless way to interact with GitHub repositories and perform various
actions right from the command line, eliminating the need to switch between your
terminal and the GitHub website.

Version: 2.46.0

General Commands

gh GitHub CLI
gh-alias Create command shortcuts
gh-alias-delete Delete set aliases
gh-alias-import Import aliases from a YAML file
gh-alias-list List your aliases
gh-alias-set Create a shortcut for a gh command
gh-api Make an authenticated GitHub API request
gh-auth Authenticate gh and git with GitHub
gh-auth-login Log in to a GitHub account
gh-auth-logout Log out of a GitHub account
gh-auth-refresh Refresh stored authentication credentials
gh-auth-setup-git Setup git with GitHub CLI
gh-auth-status View all accounts and authentication status
gh-auth-switch Switch active GitHub account
gh-auth-token Print the authentication token gh uses for a hostname and account
gh-browse Open the repository in the browser
gh-cache Manage Github Actions caches
gh-cache-delete Delete Github Actions caches
gh-cache-list List Github Actions caches
gh-codespace Connect to and manage codespaces
gh-codespace-code Open a codespace in Visual Studio Code
gh-codespace-cp Copy files between local and remote file systems
gh-codespace-create Create a codespace
gh-codespace-delete Delete codespaces
gh-codespace-edit Edit a codespace
gh-codespace-jupyter Open a codespace in JupyterLab
gh-codespace-list List codespaces
gh-codespace-logs Access codespace logs
gh-codespace-ports List ports in a codespace
gh-codespace-ports-forward Forward ports
gh-codespace-ports-visibility Change the visibility of the forwarded port
gh-codespace-rebuild Rebuild a codespace
gh-codespace-ssh SSH into a codespace
gh-codespace-stop Stop a running codespace
gh-codespace-view View details about a codespace
gh-completion Generate shell completion scripts
gh-config Manage configuration for gh
gh-config-clear-cache Clear the cli cache
gh-config-get Print the value of a given configuration key
gh-config-list Print a list of configuration keys and values
gh-config-set Update configuration with a value for the given key
gh-extension Manage gh extensions
gh-extension-browse Enter a UI for browsing, adding, and removing extensions
gh-extension-create Create a new extension
gh-extension-exec Execute an installed extension
gh-extension-install Install a gh extension from a repository
gh-extension-list List installed extension commands
gh-extension-remove Remove an installed extension
gh-extension-search Search extensions to the GitHub CLI
gh-extension-upgrade Upgrade installed extensions
gh-gist Manage gists
gh-gist-clone Clone a gist locally
gh-gist-create Create a new gist
gh-gist-delete Delete a gist
gh-gist-edit Edit one of your gists
gh-gist-list List your gists
gh-gist-rename Rename a file in a gist
gh-gist-view View a gist
gh-gpg-key Manage GPG keys
gh-gpg-key-add Add a GPG key to your GitHub account
gh-gpg-key-delete Delete a GPG key from your GitHub account
gh-gpg-key-list Lists GPG keys in your GitHub account
gh-issue Manage issues
gh-issue-close Close issue
gh-issue-comment Add a comment to an issue
gh-issue-create Create a new issue
gh-issue-delete Delete issue
gh-issue-develop Manage linked branches for an issue
gh-issue-edit Edit issues
gh-issue-list List issues in a repository
gh-issue-lock Lock issue conversation
gh-issue-pin Pin a issue
gh-issue-reopen Reopen issue
gh-issue-status Show status of relevant issues
gh-issue-transfer Transfer issue to another repository
gh-issue-unlock Unlock issue conversation
gh-issue-unpin Unpin a issue
gh-issue-view View an issue
gh-label Manage labels
gh-label-clone Clones labels from one repository to another
gh-label-create Create a new label
gh-label-delete Delete a label from a repository
gh-label-edit Edit a label
gh-label-list List labels in a repository
gh-org Manage organizations
gh-org-list List organizations for the authenticated user.
gh-pr Manage pull requests
gh-pr-checkout Check out a pull request in git
gh-pr-checks Show CI status for a single pull request
gh-pr-close Close a pull request
gh-pr-comment Add a comment to a pull request
gh-pr-create Create a pull request
gh-pr-diff View changes in a pull request
gh-pr-edit Edit a pull request
gh-pr-list List pull requests in a repository
gh-pr-lock Lock pull request conversation
gh-pr-merge Merge a pull request
gh-pr-ready Mark a pull request as ready for review
gh-pr-reopen Reopen a pull request
gh-pr-review Add a review to a pull request
gh-pr-status Show status of relevant pull requests
gh-pr-unlock Unlock pull request conversation
gh-pr-view View a pull request
gh-project Work with GitHub Projects.
gh-project-close Close a project
gh-project-copy Copy a project
gh-project-create Create a project
gh-project-delete Delete a project
gh-project-edit Edit a project
gh-project-field-create Create a field in a project
gh-project-field-delete Delete a field in a project
gh-project-field-list List the fields in a project
gh-project-item-add Add a pull request or an issue to a project
gh-project-item-archive Archive an item in a project
gh-project-item-create Create a draft issue item in a project
gh-project-item-delete Delete an item from a project by ID
gh-project-item-edit Edit an item in a project
gh-project-item-list List the items in a project
gh-project-link Link a project to a repository or a team
gh-project-list List the projects for an owner
gh-project-mark-template Mark a project as a template
gh-project-unlink Unlink a project from a repository or a team
gh-project-view View a project
gh-release Manage releases
gh-release-create Create a new release
gh-release-delete Delete a release
gh-release-delete-asset Delete an asset from a release
gh-release-download Download release assets
gh-release-edit Edit a release
gh-release-list List releases in a repository
gh-release-upload Upload assets to a release
gh-release-view View information about a release
gh-repo Manage repositories
gh-repo-archive Archive a repository
gh-repo-clone Clone a repository locally
gh-repo-create Create a new repository
gh-repo-delete Delete a repository
gh-repo-deploy-key Manage deploy keys in a repository
gh-repo-deploy-key-add Add a deploy key to a GitHub repository
gh-repo-deploy-key-delete Delete a deploy key from a GitHub repository
gh-repo-deploy-key-list List deploy keys in a GitHub repository
gh-repo-edit Edit repository settings
gh-repo-fork Create a fork of a repository
gh-repo-list List repositories owned by user or organization
gh-repo-rename Rename a repository
gh-repo-set-default Configure default repository for this directory
gh-repo-sync Sync a repository
gh-repo-unarchive Unarchive a repository
gh-repo-view View a repository
gh-ruleset View info about repo rulesets
gh-ruleset-check View rules that would apply to a given branch
gh-ruleset-list List rulesets for a repository or organization
gh-ruleset-view View information about a ruleset
gh-run View details about workflow runs
gh-run-cancel Cancel a workflow run
gh-run-delete Delete a workflow run
gh-run-download Download artifacts generated by a workflow run
gh-run-list List recent workflow runs
gh-run-rerun Rerun a run
gh-run-view View a summary of a workflow run
gh-run-watch Watch a run until it completes, showing its progress
gh-search Search for repositories, issues, and pull requests
gh-search-code Search within code
gh-search-commits Search for commits
gh-search-issues Search for issues
gh-search-prs Search for pull requests
gh-search-repos Search for repositories
gh-secret Manage GitHub secrets
gh-secret-delete Delete secrets
gh-secret-list List secrets
gh-secret-set Create or update secrets
gh-ssh-key Manage SSH keys
gh-ssh-key-add Add an SSH key to your GitHub account
gh-ssh-key-delete Delete an SSH key from your GitHub account
gh-ssh-key-list Lists SSH keys in your GitHub account
gh-status Print information about relevant issues, pull requests, and notifications across repositories
gh-variable Manage GitHub Actions variables
gh-variable-delete Delete variables
gh-variable-list List variables
gh-variable-set Create or update variables
gh-workflow View details about GitHub Actions workflows
gh-workflow-disable Disable a workflow
gh-workflow-enable Enable a workflow
gh-workflow-list List workflows
gh-workflow-run Run a workflow by creating a workflow_dispatch event
gh-workflow-view View the summary of a workflow