Package ggz-base-libs

Base libraries for GGZ gaming zone

GGZ (which is a recursive acronym for GGZ Gaming Zone) develops libraries,
games and game-related applications for client-server online gaming. Player
rankings, game spectators, AI players and a chat bot are part of this effort.

File Formats (Section 5)
The GGZ Gaming Zone uses the file ggz.modules in order to configure which game modules are properly installed. The only approved method of altering this file is...
Games (Section 6)
The program ggz-config is a central tool and part of the client libraries package of the GGZ Gaming Zone. It can be used for several purposes. Primarily it is...
Miscellanea (Section 7)
The GGZ Gaming Zone is a standards-conforming free online gaming infrastructure which provides many applications and games to people who like to play on the...