Package gfs2-utils

Utilities for managing the global file system (GFS2)

The gfs2-utils package contains a number of utilities for creating, checking,
modifying, and correcting inconsistencies in GFS2 file systems.

File Formats
File Description
gfs2 GFS2 reference guide
System Administration
Command Description
fsck.gfs2 Offline GFS and GFS2 file system checker
gfs2_convert Convert a GFS1 filesystem to GFS2
gfs2_edit Display, print or edit GFS2 or GFS internal structures.
gfs2_grow Expand a GFS2 filesystem
gfs2_jadd Add journals to a GFS2 filesystem
glocktop Display or print active GFS2 locks.
mkfs.gfs2 create a gfs2 filesystem
tunegfs2 View and manipulate gfs2 superblocks