Package gfal2-util-scripts

gfal2 command line scripts

Provides a set of command line scripts to call gfal2-util python functions.

Version: 1.8.1

See also: gfal2.

General Commands

gfal-archivepoll Perform an archive polling operation on the given SURL
gfal-bringonline Perform a staging operation on the given SURL
gfal-cat concatenate a file and print on the standard output
gfal-chmod Change the permissions of a file
gfal-copy Copy files
gfal-evict Evict file from a disk buffer
gfal-legacy-register register a replica
gfal-legacy-replicas list replicas
gfal-legacy-unregister register a replica
gfal-ls list directory contents or file information
gfal-mkdir make directories
gfal-rename Renames files or directories
gfal-rm Remove files or directories
gfal-save read from standard input and write it to a file
gfal-stat display extended information about a file or directory
gfal-sum Calculate checksum of a file
gfal-token retrieve SE-issued token for a given path
gfal-xattr show or set attributes of a file