Package gfal2-util

GFAL2 utility tools

gfal2-util is a set of basic utility tools for file
interactions and file copy based on the GFAL 2.0 toolkit.
gfal2-util supports the protocols of GFAL 2.0 : WebDav(s),
gridFTP, http(s), SRM, xrootd, etc...

General Commands (Section 1)
gfal-cat Concatenate file to standard output. It simply opens the specified file and prints all its contents to stdout.
gfal-copy Copies files from source to destination(s). If several destinations are specified, the file will be copy in a chain: src -> dst1, dst1 -> dst2, ... If...
gfal-legacy-register Register a new replica into a catalog
gfal-legacy-replicas List the replicas of an entry in a catalog.
gfal-legacy-unregister Removes a replica from a catalog
gfal-ls List information about the file. Depending on the implementation, some information from the long listing, such as group and user ids, might not be...
gfal-mkdir Create the DIRECTORY(ies), if they do not already exist. By default, it creates them with mode 0755.
gfal-rename Renames SOURCE to DESTINATION.
gfal-rm Removes each specified file or directory. By default, it does not remove directories. To delete a directory, --recursive needs to be given, in which...
gfal-save Reads from stdin and writes to a file until it finds EOF. If the file exists, it will be overwritten.
gfal-sum Calculates the checksum of the specified file, using a specified checksum algoritm. The supported algorithm depend on the protocol and endpoint. Some...
gfal-xattr Display attributes of a file or set them to a new value. This command comes in three forms, making it possible, for a specified file, to list all...