Package getdns-devel

Development package that includes the header files

The devel package contains the getdns library and the include files and
some example C code.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
getdns_address get ip address(es) for a name
getdns_cancel_callback cancel an outstanding asyn getdns request
getdns_context getdns context create and destroy routines
getdns_context_set_append_name getdns context manipulation routines
getdns_convert convert dname between presentation- and wire-format
getdns_dict getdns dict create and destroy routines
getdns_dict_get get value by name from a getdns dict
getdns_dict_set set a value by name in a getdns dict
getdns_display_ip_address convert an getdns ip address to string
getdns_general do a getdns DNS lookup
getdns_hostname get hostname by address
getdns_list getdns list create and destroy routines
getdns_list_get get a value by index from a getdns list
getdns_list_set set a value by index from a getdns list
getdns_pretty_print_dict return a string representation of a getdns dict
getdns_root_trust_anchor return the getdns list of default root trust anchors
getdns_service getdns lookup of a service
getdns_validate_dnssec DNSSEC validate a given getdns record
libgetdns an implementation of a modern asynchronous DNS API by and for application...