Package genisoimage

Creates an image of an ISO9660 file-system

The genisoimage program is used as a pre-mastering program; i.e., it
generates the ISO9660 file-system. Genisoimage takes a snapshot of
a given directory tree and generates a binary image of the tree
which will correspond to an ISO9660 file-system when written to
a block device. Genisoimage is used for writing CD-ROMs, and includes
support for creating boot-able El Torito CD-ROMs.

Install the genisoimage package if you need a program for writing

Version: 1.1.11

General Commands

genisoimage create ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes
isodebug print genisoimage debug info from ISO-9660 image
isodump alias for isoinfo
isoinfo Utility programs for dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
isovfy alias for isoinfo
pitchplay wrapper script to play audio tracks with cdda2wav with different pitches through a soundcard (cdda2wav must have soundcard support enabled).
readmult a multitrack wrapper for cdda2wav

File Formats

genisoimagerc startup configuration file for genisoimage