Package geda-docs

Documentation and Examples for gEDA

This package contains documentation and examples for the gEDA project.

General Commands
Command Description
convert_sym convert a Viewlogic symbol/schematic to gEDA gschem format
garchive create and extract gEDA design archives
gattrib gEDA/gaf Schematic Attribute Editor
gmk_sym create rectangular symbols for gschem from a text file
gnetlist gEDA/gaf Netlist Extraction and Generation
grenum An advanced refdes renumber utility
gsch2pcb Update PCB layouts from gEDA/gaf schematics
gschem gEDA/gaf Schematic Capture
gschlas gEDA schematic load and save
gsymcheck gEDA/gaf Symbol Checker
gsymfix automatically fix common issues with gEDA symbols
gxyrs is a program to batch process XYRS files.
olib OrCAD(tm) library part to gEDA .sym converter
pads_backannotate backannotates changes from a PADS engineering change order (ECO) file to...
pcb_backannotate backannotates changes from a PCB annotation file to schematic
refdes_renum gEDA/gaf refdes renumbering utility
sarlacc_schem convert OrCAD SDT IV files to gEDA format.
sarlacc_sym convert OrCAD text libraries to gEDA components
schdiff Graphical diff tool for schematics
smash_megafile break a Viewlogic megafile into a million little pieces
sw2asc converts a SWITCAP2 output file into ASCII data files that other tools can read
tragesym create gEDA symbols from structured textfiles