Package gdcm-applications

Includes command line programs for GDCM

You should install the gdcm-applications package if you would like to
use command line programs part of GDCM. Includes tools to convert,
anonymize, manipulate, concatenate, and view DICOM files.

General Commands (Section 1)
The gdcm2pnm command line program takes as input a DICOM file and produces a rendered bitmap file.
The gdcm2vtk takes as input any file supported by VTK (including DICOM file) and will generate as output a DICOM file.
Tool to anonymize a DICOM file.
The gdcmconv command line program takes as input a DICOM file (file-in) and process it to generate an output DICOM file (file-out). The command line option...
The gdcmdiff command line program takes as input two DICOM files: file1 and file2.
The gdcmdump command line program dumps a DICOM file to the console. For those familiar with dcmdump (DCMTK) output, gdcmdump has some minor differences.
Tool to generate a DICOMDIR file from a File-Set.
Manipulate DICOM image file. gdcmimg is a low level tool to allow de-/encapsulation from/to DICOM image. This tool does not understand Transfer Syntax...
The gdcminfo command line program takes as input a DICOM file, or a directory and process it to extract meta-information about the DICOM file(s) processed.
The gdcmpap3 command line program takes as input a PAPYRUS 3.0 file (file-in) and process it to generate an output (pseudo) DICOM file (file-out). The command...
The gdcmpdf tool convert a PDF file (any PDF version) into an encapsulated PDF/DICOM file. By default it will try to read the PDF meta information stored in the...
The gdcmraw tool is mostly used for development purpose. It is used to extract a specific binary field from a DICOM DataSet.
The gdcmscanner is a command line tool to quickly extract value from a set of DICOM attribute in a DICOM File-Set.ParametersOptionsgeneral options
The gdcmscu command line program is the tool to execute DICOM Query/Retrieve operation.
The gdcmtar is a command line tool used to tar/untar multi-frames images (including Siemens Mosaic file)
The gdcmviewer is a simple tool that show how to use vtkGDCMImageReader. The class that use gdcm to make a layer to VTK. gdcmviewer is basically only just a...
The gdcmxml command line program converts a DICOM file (DataSet) into an XML file (according to the Native DICOM Model) or vice-versa. For those familiar with...