Package gdcm-applications

Includes command line programs for GDCM

You should install the gdcm-applications package if you would like to
use command line programs part of GDCM. Includes tools to convert,
anonymize, manipulate, concatenate, and view DICOM files.

General Commands
Command Description
gdcm2pnm off-screen rendering of DICOM images
gdcm2vtk Convert a file supported by VTK into DICOM.
gdcmanon Tool to anonymize a DICOM file.
gdcmconv Tool to convert DICOM to DICOM.
gdcmdiff dumps differences of two DICOM files
gdcmdump dumps a DICOM file, it will display the structure and values contained in the...
gdcmgendir Tool to generate a DICOMDIR file from a File-Set.
gdcmimg Manipulate DICOM image file.
gdcminfo Display meta info about the input DICOM file.
gdcmpap3 Tool to convert PAPYRUS 3.0 to DICOM.
gdcmpdf Tool to convert PDF to PDF/DICOM.
gdcmraw Extract Data Element Value Field.
gdcmscanner Scan a directory containing DICOM files.
gdcmscu Tool to execute a DICOM Query/Retrieve operation
gdcmtar Concatenate/Extract DICOM files.
gdcmviewer Simple DICOM viewer.
gdcmxml provides a tool to convert a DICOM file into a XML infoset and vice-versa.