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Package gdcm-applications

Includes command line programs for GDCM


You should install the gdcm-applications package if you would like to
use command line programs part of GDCM. Includes tools to convert,
anonymize, manipulate, concatenate, and view DICOM files.

Version: 3.0.24

General Commands

gdcm2pnm off-screen rendering of DICOM images
gdcm2vtk Convert a file supported by VTK into DICOM.
gdcmanon Tool to anonymize a DICOM file.
gdcmclean Tool to clean a DICOM file.
gdcmconv Tool to convert DICOM to DICOM.
gdcmdiff dumps differences of two DICOM files
gdcmdump dumps a DICOM file, it will display the structure and values contained in the specified DICOM file.
gdcmgendir Tool to generate a DICOMDIR file from a File-Set.
gdcminfo Display meta info about the input DICOM file.
gdcmpap3 Tool to convert PAPYRUS 3.0 to DICOM.
gdcmpdf Tool to convert PDF to PDF/DICOM.
gdcmraw Extract Data Element Value Field.
gdcmscanner Scan a directory containing DICOM files.
gdcmscu Tool to execute a DICOM Query/Retrieve operation
gdcmtar Concatenate/Extract DICOM files.
gdcmviewer Simple DICOM viewer.
gdcmxml provides a tool to convert a DICOM file into a XML infoset and vice-versa.