Package gdal-python-tools

Python tools for the GDAL file format library

The GDAL Python package provides number of tools for programming and
manipulating GDAL file format library

General Commands
Command Description
gdal2tiles gdal2tilesGenerates directory with TMS tiles, KMLs and simple web viewers.
gdal_fillnodata gdal_fillnodataFill raster regions by interpolation from edges.
gdal_merge gdal_mergeMosaics a set of images.
gdal_retile gdal_retileRetiles a set of tiles and/or build tiled pyramid levels.
gdal_sieve gdal_sieveRemoves small raster polygons.
pct2rgb pct2rgbConvert an 8bit paletted image to 24bit RGB.
rgb2pct rgb2pctConvert a 24bit RGB image to 8bit paletted.