Package gawk-xml

XML support for gawk

gawk-xml provides the gawk XML extension module, as well as the xmlgawk script
and some gawk include libraries for enhanced XML processing.

Version: 1.1.1

See also: gawk, gawk-abort, gawk-errno, gawk-json, gawk-lmdb, gawk-nl_langinfo, gawk-select, gawk-tabjson.

General Commands

xmlgawk gawk XML wrapper script

Library Functions

xmlbase.3am Provides some basic functionality to gawk-xml.
xmlcopy.3am Provides token reconstruction facilities to gawk-xml.
xmlsimple.3am Provides facilities for writing simple one-line scripts with the gawk-xml extension. Also provides higher-level functions that simplify writing more complex…
xmltree.3am Provides DOM-like facilities to gawk-xml. Its status is experimental. May change in the future.
xmlwrite.3am Provides facilities for writing XML fragments. A whole XML document can be composed this way. The composed document may be indented if desired.