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Package gawk

The GNU version of the AWK text processing utility


The gawk package contains the GNU version of AWK text processing utility. AWK is
a programming language designed for text processing and typically used as a data
extraction and reporting tool.

The gawk utility can be used to do quick and easy text pattern matching,
extracting or reformatting. It is considered to be a standard Linux tool for
text processing.

Version: 5.3.0

See also: gawk-abort, gawk-errno, gawk-json, gawk-lmdb, gawk-nl_langinfo, gawk-select, gawk-tabjson, gawk-xml.

General Commands

awk alias for gawk
gawk pattern scanning and processing language
gawkbug report a bug in gawk
pm-gawk persistent data and functions

Library Functions

filefuncs.3am provide some file related functionality to gawk
fnmatch.3am compare a string against a filename wildcard
fork.3am basic process management
inplace.3am emulate sed/perl/ruby in-place editing
ordchr.3am convert characters to strings and vice versa
readdir.3am directory input parser for gawk
readfile.3am return the entire contents of a file as a string
revoutput.3am Reverse output strings sample extension
revtwoway.3am Reverse strings sample two-way processor extension
rwarray.3am write and read gawk arrays to/from files
time.3am time functions for gawk