Package ganglia-gmond

Ganglia Monitoring daemon

Ganglia is a scalable, real-time monitoring and execution environment
with all execution requests and statistics expressed in an open
well-defined XML format.

This gmond daemon provides the ganglia service within a single cluster or
Multicast domain.

General Commands (Section 1)
The Ganglia Metric Client (gmetric) announces a metric on the list of defined send channels defined in a configuration file
The Ganglia Monitoring Daemon (gmond) listens to the cluster message channel, stores the data in-memory and when requested will output an XML description of the...
The Ganglia Status Client (gstat) connects with a Ganglia Monitoring Daemon (gmond) and outputs a load-balanced list of hosts
File Formats (Section 5)
The gmond.conf file is used to configure the ganglia monitoring daemon (gmond) which is part of the Ganglia Distributed Monitoring System.