Package fuse-emulator-utils

Additional utils for the Fuse spectrum emulator

A collection of utilities for the Fuse ZX-Spectrum emulator

General Commands
Command Description
audio2tape Sinclair ZX Spectrum audio to tape file converter
createhdf Create a blank IDE hard disk image in .hdf format
fmfconv Fuse Movie File converter
fuse-utils various ZX Spectrum related utilities
listbasic Extract the BASIC from a ZX Spectrum file
profile2map Fuse profiler output converter
raw2hdf Create an .hdf hard disk image from a raw data file
rzxcheck Check the signature in a ZX Spectrum RZX file
rzxdump List contents of Sinclair ZX Spectrum input recording files
rzxtool Modify Sinclair ZX Spectrum input recording files
scl2trd Convert .scl disk images to .trd.
snap2tzx Convert ZX Spectrum snapshot to .tzx tape images
snapconv Sinclair ZX Spectrum snapshot converter
tape2pulses Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape pulse dumper
tape2wav Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape to wav audio file converter
tapeconv Sinclair ZX Spectrum tape file converter
tzxlist Sinclair ZX Spectrum “real” tape file lister