Package fts-client

File Transfer Service version 3 client

A set of command line tools for submitting, querying
and canceling transfer-jobs to the FTS service. Additionally,
there is a CLI that can be used for configuration and
administering purposes.

General Commands (Section 1)
fts-config-del is a tool to delete an existing SE configuration from the database.
fts-config-set is a tool for listing all the SE configurations that are available in the DB.
fts-config-set is a tool for configuring SEs (storage elements) and SE groups. Each configuration is in JSON format (see details at...
fts-delegation-init is a tool for delegating a proxy certificate to FTS3 endpoint.
fts-set-blacklist is a tool for blacklisting SEs and DNs. Accepted values for TYPE are: 'se', and 'dn', subject is either the DN or SE name, MODE is either 'on'...
fts-set-debug is a tool for setting the debug mode to one of the possible levels: 0, 1, 2 or 3 for a source SE, destination SE or a SE pair.
fts-set-priority is a tool for setting the priority of a transfer job
fts-transfer-cancel is a tool that allows canceling transfer-jobs. The user has to provide respective transfer-job(s) ID.
fts-transfer-delete is a tool for deleting files using the GRID File Transfer Service 3.
fts-transfer-list is a tool for listing transfer-jobs in a given state (provided by user). By default the transfer-jobs in SUBMITTED, READY and ACTIVE states...
fts-transfer-snapshot is a tool for getting an up-to-date snapshot of a link status
fts-transfer-status is a tool for checking transfer-job status. The has to provide the transfer-job ID.
fts-transfer-submit is a tool for submitting transfer-jobs using the GRID File Transfer Service 3. The user has to specify the source and destination...