Package fts-client

File Transfer Service version 3 client

A set of command line tools for submitting, querying
and canceling transfer-jobs to the FTS service. Additionally,
there is a CLI that can be used for configuration and
administering purposes.

General Commands
Command Description
fts-config-del fts-config-del
fts-config-get fts-config-get
fts-config-set fts-config-set
fts-delegation-init fts-delegation-init
fts-set-blacklist fts-set-blacklist
fts-set-debug fts-set-debug
fts-set-priority fts-set-priority
fts-transfer-cancel fts-transfer-cancel
fts-transfer-delete fts-transfer-delete
fts-transfer-list fts-transfer-list
fts-transfer-status fts-transfer-status
fts-transfer-submit fts-transfer-submit