Package frysk

Execution analysis and debugging tool-suite

Frysk is an execution-analysis technology implemented using native
Java and C++. It is aimed at providing developers and sysadmins with
the ability to both examine and analyze running multi-host,
multi-process, multi-threaded systems. Frysk allows the monitoring of
running processes and threads, of locking primitives and will also
expose deadlocks, gather data and debug any given process in the

General Commands (Section 1)
fauxvprints the auxiliary vector of the specified process or core-file.Standard Frysk Options -exe
fcatch generate stack backtraces from a running application as it crashes, or upon receiving a variety of signals.Stack Print Options -number-of-frames...
fcore constructs a core-file from a running process, and writes it to disk. -a, -allmaps
fdebugdump runs the given program and dumps a hierarchical view of libraries loaded at attach time. Does not watch for loading of new modules, but that would be...
fdebuginfo lists the modules of a process and the location of their Debugging Information, if present. The output is in the form: "Module Name" "Debuginfo...
fdebugrpm is a bash script that uses the utility fdebuginfo(1) to determine any missing Debug Information, allowing the user to install the missing debuginfo...
ferror monitors the processes write system call for the specified MESSAGE, printing a stack trace of the process at the point of the write.Stack Print Options...
fexe prints a processe or corefile's full executable path to standard output. -v
fhpd is a command line oriented debugger implemented using the frysk(7) framework with a command set loosely based on the High Performance Debugger Forum's...
fmaps prints out a process or a corefile's address mapsStandard Frysk Options -exe
fstack prints a stack back-trace of all threads of the specified process or core-file.Stack Print Options -number-of-frames countStandard Frysk Options -exe
fstep instruction step a given program.Standard Frysk Options -exe
ftrace starts given command and according to tracing script given via command-line arguments, it traces its system calls, symbol entry points in general, and...
Miscellanea (Section 7)
The Frysk Tool Suite provides a collection of command line and gnome utilities for the debugging, tracing, and monitoring of user programs.