Package frysk

Execution analysis and debugging tool-suite

Frysk is an execution-analysis technology implemented using native
Java and C++. It is aimed at providing developers and sysadmins with
the ability to both examine and analyze running multi-host,
multi-process, multi-threaded systems. Frysk allows the monitoring of
running processes and threads, of locking primitives and will also
expose deadlocks, gather data and debug any given process in the

Version: 0.4

General Commands

fauxv print the auxiliary vector
fcatch print a stack back-trace of a program as it crashes
fcore extract a core file from a process
fdebugdump dumps a hierarchy of the debug info dies
fdebuginfo display the debug-info paths for a process and its shared modules
fdebugrpm install missing debuginfo packages
ferror print a stack trace when the given message is printed by the traced program
fexe print a process or corefile's executable path
fhpd a command line debugger
fmaps print the process or a corefile's address maps
fstack print a stack back-trace
fstep instruction steps a given program
ftrace trace system calls, function calls and signals


frysk The Frysk Debugging, Tracing, and Monitoring Tool Suite