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Package freeradius-utils

FreeRADIUS utilities


The FreeRADIUS server has a number of features found in other servers,
and additional features not found in any other server. Rather than
doing a feature by feature comparison, we will simply list the features
of the server, and let you decide if they satisfy your needs.

Support for RFC and VSA Attributes Additional server configuration
attributes Selecting a particular configuration Authentication methods

Version: 3.2.4

See also: freeradius.

General Commands

dhcpclient Send a DHCP request with provided RADIUS attributes and get the output response.
rad_counter rad_counter is a tool that can query and maintain FreeRADIUS rlm_counter DB files.
radclient send packets to a RADIUS server, show reply
radeapclient send EAP packets to a RADIUS server, calculate responses
radlast show "last" info from the radwtmp file
radtest send packets to a RADIUS server, show reply
radwho show online users
radzap remove rogue entries from the active sessions database
smbencrypt produce LM & NT password hashes from cleartext passwords

File Formats

checkrad See if a user is (still) logged in on a certain port.

System Administration

radcrypt generate password hash for use with radius, or validates a password hash
radsniff dump radius protocol
radsqlrelay relay SQL queries to a central database server
rlm_ippool_tool dump the contents of the FreeRadius ippool database files