Package freeipmi-devel

Development package for FreeIPMI

Development package for FreeIPMI. This package includes the FreeIPMI
header files and libraries.

Library Functions (Section 3)
Libfreeipmi is the primary library that most of the FreeIPMI tools are based upon. The following describe the sub-sections of the library.
Libipmiconsole implements a high level serial-over-lan (SOL) API for remote console access. It can be used to establish and manage multiple IPMI 2.0 SOL...
Libipmidetect implements a high level API for determing which nodes in a cluster do or do-not support IPMI. This library is primarily useful for detecting whe...
The Libipmimonitoring implements a high level sensor and system event monitoring API. For system events, an iterator interface is provided that allows the user...