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Package freeipa-server

The IPA authentication server


IPA is an integrated solution to provide centrally managed Identity (users,
hosts, services), Authentication (SSO, 2FA), and Authorization
(host access control, SELinux user roles, services). The solution provides
features for further integration with Linux based clients (SUDO, automount)
and integration with Active Directory based infrastructures (Trusts).
If you are installing an IPA server, you need to install this package.

Version: 4.12.1

See also: freeipa-server-dns, freeipa-server-trust-ad.

General Commands

ipa-acme-manage Manage the IPA ACME service
ipa-advise Provide configurations advice for various use cases.
ipa-backup Back up an IPA master
ipa-ca-install Install a CA on a server
ipa-cacert-manage Manage CA certificates in IPA
ipa-cert-fix Renew expired certificates
ipa-compat-manage Enables or disables the schema compatibility plugin
ipa-crlgen-manage Enables or disables CRL generation
ipa-csreplica-manage Manage an IPA CS replica
ipa-kra-install Install a KRA on a server
ipa-ldap-updater Update the IPA LDAP configuration
ipa-managed-entries Enables or disables the schema Managed Entry plugins
ipa-migrate Migrate an IPA server from one machine to another
ipa-nis-manage Enables or disables the NIS listener plugin
ipa-otptoken-import Imports OTP tokens from RFC 6030 XML file
ipa-pkinit-manage Enables or disables PKINIT
ipa-replica-conncheck Check a replica-master network connection before installation
ipa-replica-install Create an IPA replica
ipa-replica-manage Manage an IPA replica
ipa-restore Restore an IPA master
ipa-server-certinstall Install new SSL server certificates
ipa-server-install Configure an IPA server
ipa-server-upgrade upgrade IPA server
ipa-winsync-migrate Seamless migration of AD users created by winsync to native AD users.

System Administration

ipactl IPA Server Control Interface