Package freeglut-devel

Freeglut developmental libraries and header files

Developmental libraries and header files required for developing or compiling
software which links to the freeglut library, which is an open source
alternative to the popular GLUT library, with an OSI approved free software

Version: 3.4.0

Library Functions

glutAddMenuEntry Append an item to the current menu.
glutAddSubMenu Append a submenu to the current menu.
glutAttachMenu Attach the current menu to the current window.
glutBitmapCharacter Draw a bitmapped character
glutBitmapHeight Return the height of a given font, in pixels.
glutBitmapLength Return the width of a bitmapped string, in pixels.
glutBitmapString Draw a string of bitmapped characters
glutBitmapWidth Return the width of a bitmapped character, in pixels.
glutButtonBoxFunc Sets a button-box button callback.
glutChangeToMenuEntry Replace a menu entry with an item.
glutChangeToSubMenu Replace a menu entry with a submenu.
glutCloseFunc Window destruction callback.
glutCopyColormap Copies a color map between windows.
glutCreateMenu Create a new menu.
glutCreateMenuWindow Create a client-controlled menu window.
glutCreateSubWindow Create a subwindow
glutCreateWindow Create a new top-level window
glutDestroyMenu Destroy a menu.
glutDestroyWindow Destroy a window and associated subwindows
glutDetachMenu Detach menu from the current window.
glutDeviceGet Allows you to get some device state/option variables.
glutDialsFunc Sets a dials-box button callback.
glutDisplayFunc Sets the Display callback for the current window.
glutEnterGameMode Enter game mode
glutEntryFunc Window mouse entry/leave callback.
glutEstablishOverlay Creates an overlay.
glutExtensionSupported Determine if an OpenGL extension is available.
glutForceJoystickFunc Forces a joystick poll and callback.
glutFullScreen Resize the current window to cover the entire screen
glutGameModeGet Return the value of a game mode parameter
glutGameModeString Set the game mode display string
glutGet Allows you to query some general state/option variables.
glutGetColor Gets an indexed color-mode entry's Red, Green, or Blue value.
glutGetMenu Get the current menu ID.
glutGetMenuData Retrieve menu user data pointer
glutGetModifiers Returns the status of Alt, Shift, and Ctrl keys.
glutGetProcAddress Determine if an OpenGLUT feature or extension is available.
glutGetWindow Return the current window identifier, 0 if undefined
glutGetWindowData Get the user data for the current window
glutHideOverlay Make an overlay invisible.
glutHideWindow Make the current window hidden
glutIconifyWindow Iconify the current window
glutIdleFunc Sets the global idle callback.
glutIgnoreKeyRepeat Set autorepeat status.
glutInit Initialize OpenGLUT data structures.
glutInitDisplayMode Set the window creation display mode.
glutInitDisplayString Set the window creation display mode.
glutInitWindowPosition Requests future windows to open at a given position.
glutInitWindowSize Requests future windows to open at a given width/height..
glutJoystickFunc Reports joystick state for the current window.
glutKeyboardFunc Sets the Keyboard callback for the current window.
glutKeyboardUpFunc Sets the keyboard key release callback for the current window.
glutLayerGet Allows you to get some overlay state/option variables.
glutLeaveGameMode Leave game mode, returning to normal desktop mode
glutLeaveMainLoop Breaks out of OpenGLUT's glutMainLoop()
glutMainLoop The standard GLUT event loop entry point.
glutMainLoopEvent Dispatches all pending events.
glutMenuDestroyFunc Destruction callback for menus.
glutMenuStateFunc Deprecated variant of glutMenuStatusFunc()
glutMenuStatusFunc Modern variant of glutMenuStateFunc()
glutMotionFunc Reports mouse-motion while a button is held.
glutMouseFunc Sets the mouse-button callback for the current window.
glutMouseWheelFunc Sets the mouse wheel callback for the current window.
glutOverlayDisplayFunc Defines the display hook for an overlay.
glutPassiveMotionFunc Sets the non-dragging (gliding?) mouse-motion callback.
glutPopWindow Request to raise the current window to the top
glutPositionWindow Request to change the position of the current window
glutPostOverlayRedisplay Posts a redispaly against the layer for the current window.
glutPostRedisplay Mark the current window as needing a redisplay.
glutPostWindowOverlayRedisplay Posts a redisplay to the indicated window's layer.
glutPostWindowRedisplay Mark an indicated window as needing a redisplay.
glutPushWindow Request to lower the current window to the bottom.
glutRemoveMenuItem Remove a given menu item.
glutRemoveOverlay Removes an overlay.
glutReportErrors Reports all available OpenGL errors.
glutReshapeFunc Sets the Reshape callback for the current window.
glutReshapeWindow Request changing the size of the current window
glutSetColor Sets an indexed color-mode entry.
glutSetCursor Set the cursor image to be used for the current window
glutSetIconTitle Requests changing the iconified title of the current window
glutSetKeyRepeat Sets autorepeat behavior for all OpenGLUT windows.
glutSetMenu Set the current menu ID.
glutSetMenuData Store menu user data pointer
glutSetOption Allows you to set some general state/option variables.
glutSetWindow Select the <i>current window</i>
glutSetWindowData Set the user data for the current window
glutSetWindowStayOnTop Set stay on top mode for current window
glutSetWindowTitle Request changing the title of the current window
glutSetupVideoResizing Undocumented, unimplemented.
glutShowOverlay Make an overlay visible.
glutShowWindow Request that the <i>current window</i> be visible
glutSolidCone Draw a solid cone.
glutSolidCube Draw a solid cube centered at the origin.
glutSolidCylinder Draw a solid cylinder.
glutSolidDodecahedron Draw a solid dodecahedron.
glutSolidIcosahedron Draw a solid icosahedron.
glutSolidOctahedron Draw a solid octahedron.
glutSolidRhombicDodecahedron Draw a solid rhombic dodecahedron
glutSolidSierpinskiSponge Draw a solid Spierspinski's sponge.
glutSolidSphere Draw a solid sphere centered at the origin.
glutSolidTeapot Draw a solid teapot.
glutSolidTetrahedron Draw a solid tetrahedron.
glutSolidTorus Draw a solid torus.
glutSpaceballButtonFunc Sets a spaceball button callback.
glutSpaceballMotionFunc Sets a spaceball motion callback.
glutSpaceballRotateFunc Sets a spaceball rotation callback.
glutSpecialFunc Sets the Special callback for the current window
glutSpecialUpFunc Sets the special key release callback for the current window
glutStopVideoResizing Undocumented, unimplemented.
glutStrokeCharacter Draw a stroked character.
glutStrokeHeight Returns the height of a given font.
glutStrokeLength Returns model space width of a string in a given font.
glutStrokeString Draw a string of stroked characters.
glutStrokeWidth Returns the width in pixels of a character in a given font.
glutSwapBuffers Swaps the buffers for the current window.
glutTabletButtonFunc Sets a tablet button callback.
glutTabletMotionFunc Sets a tablet motion callback.
glutTimerFunc Sets the Timer callback for the current window.
glutUseLayer Allows you to switch between normal and layer mode.
glutVideoPan Undocumented, unimplemented.
glutVideoResize Undocumented, unimplemented.
glutVideoResizeGet Undocumented, unimplemented.
glutVisibilityFunc Sets the Visibility callback for the current window.
glutWMCloseFunc Window destruction callback.
glutWarpPointer Moves the mouse pointer to given window coordinates.
glutWindowStatusFunc Sets the window status callback.
glutWireCone Draw a wireframe cone.
glutWireCube Draw a wireframe cube centered at the origin.
glutWireCylinder Draw a wireframe cylinder.
glutWireDodecahedron Draw a wireframe dodecahedron.
glutWireIcosahedron Draw a wireframe icosahedron.
glutWireOctahedron Draw a wireframe octahedron.
glutWireRhombicDodecahedron Draw a wireframe rhombic dodecahedron
glutWireSierpinskiSponge Draw a wireframe Spierspinski's sponge.
glutWireSphere Draw a wireframe sphere centered at the origin.
glutWireTeapot Draw a wireframe teapot.
glutWireTetrahedron Draw a wireframe tetrahedron.
glutWireTorus Draw a wireframe torus.