Package freeciv

A multi-player strategy game

Freeciv is a turn-based, multi-player, X based strategy game. Freeciv
is generally comparable to, and has compatible rules with, the
Civilization II(R) game by Microprose(R). In Freeciv, each player is
the leader of a civilization, and is competing with the other players
in order to become the leader of the greatest civilization.

Version: 3.0.3


freeciv The Freeciv game (overview)
freeciv-client The clients for the Freeciv game
freeciv-gtk2 alias for freeciv-client
freeciv-gtk3 alias for freeciv-client
freeciv-gtk3.22 alias for freeciv-client
freeciv-manual Generate HTML manual for freeciv-server(6)
freeciv-modpack Custom content installers for the Freeciv game
freeciv-mp-cli alias for freeciv-modpack
freeciv-mp-gtk2 alias for freeciv-modpack
freeciv-mp-gtk3 alias for freeciv-modpack
freeciv-mp-qt alias for freeciv-modpack
freeciv-qt alias for freeciv-client
freeciv-ruledit Freeciv Ruleset Editor
freeciv-ruleup Update Freeciv rulesets
freeciv-sdl2 alias for freeciv-client
freeciv-server The server for the Freeciv game