Package freecell-solver

The Freecell Solver Executable

The Freecell Solver package contains the fc-solve executable which is
a command-line program that can be used to solve games of Freecell and
similar card solitaire variants.

This package also contains command line executables to generate the initial
boards of several popular Freecell implementations.

Game Description
fc-solve automated solver for Freecell and related Solitiare variants
fc-solve-board_gen Programs to generate boards to be used as input to Freecell Solver.
freecell-solver-range-parallel-solve The Freecell Solver utility for solving a range of Microsoft Freecell/Freecell...
gen-multiple-pysol-layouts generate multiple PySol / MS initial solitaire deals. transpose a Freecell/etc. layout from play-stacks in text-columns to play-stacks...