Package foomatic

Tools for using the foomatic database of printers and printer drivers

Foomatic is a comprehensive, spooler-independent database of printers,
printer drivers, and driver descriptions. This package contains
utilities to generate driver description files and printer queues for
CUPS, LPD, LPRng, and PDQ using the database (packaged separately).
There is also the possibility to read the PJL options out of PJL-capable
laser printers and take them into account at the driver description
file generation.

There are spooler-independent command line interfaces to manipulate
queues (foomatic-configure) and to print files/manipulate jobs
(foomatic printjob).

The site is based on this database.
General Commands (Section 1)
The foomatic-cleanupdrivers command removes all driver XML files which have an empty command line. It is not intended to be called directly by the user.
The Foomatic acceleration engine written in C (by Till), it computes printer/driver combo XML files and the printer overview XML file.
foomatic-compiledb generates all PPD files or Foomatic combo XML files for all possible printer/driver combos, or only for a selected range of drivers. It...
foomatic-configure is a program to set up and configure print queues for every known spooler (CUPS, LPRng, LPD, GNUlpr, PPR, PDQ. CPS, no spooler) and every...
The foomatic-extract-text command generates .po files from the UI strings in the currently installed Foomatic database. It is not intended to be called directly...
Use the foomatic-fix-xml command if you have compiled foomatic-perl-data against libxml 1.x and you have old database entries with a leading blank line.
This script changes all old cryptic numerical printer IDs from the old PostGreSQL time to clear-text printer IDs in the installed Foomatic database. It is very...
foomatic-perl-data [ -O ] [ -C ] [ -P ] [ -D ] [ -o option=setting ] [ -o ... ] [ -v ] [ filename ]Options -O Parse overview XML data -C Parse printer/driver...
The first form of the foomatic-ppdfile to compute the spooler-independent Foomatic PPD file for any valid printer/driver combo available in the Foomatic...
The foomatic-ppd-options program reads the specified PPD files or stdin and decodes the PPD file to produce a list of options. This is really just a text based...
The first form of the foomatic-ppd-to-xml command creates Foomatic printer XML corresponding to a given PPD file. If DRIVER is specified, it is the driver to...
This command updates the driver XML file for the Gutenprint driver to the state of the foomatic-printermap file in the Gutenprint source tree. Used to update...
foomatic-printjob provides a spooler-independent interface to creating and managing printer jobs and print queues. Note that the first argument changes the mode...
Replaces references to old numerical or otherwise obsolete printer IDs in arbitrary file. By default it uses the db/oldprinterids file of the current Foomatic...
This command displays Foomatic database entries matching SEARCHTERM.Options -mM
System Administration (Section 8)
foomatic-addpjloptions formats the PJL information file (or STDIN) into a format usable by the Foomatic database.Options
foomatic-getpjloptions Sends a set of PJL commands and reads back the PJL options and status from a printer over a network connection or device bidirectional...
foomatic-kitload installs a foomatic data kit into the local data library. It takes a -k dirname option, where dirname is the toplevel directory of a foomatic...
This command reads the printer database overview and puts default driver entries (<driver>..</driver>) into every printer's XML database entry. It is very...